About us

We have set ourselves the goal of offering professional tools for all baristis.

That’s why we have our own product development department. Our products are developed and coordinated in close cooperation with baristi and coffee roasters as well as machine companies. This is the only way we can guarantee that our products meet the demands of every craftsman.

True to the motto: Tools – not toys

Packaging is not the only ecological responsibility

Our goal has always been to handle all work steps – from purchasing to production to dispatch – in a sustainable manner.

Our aim is not only to raise awareness of the value of our products and strengthen the value of the recycling economy, but above all to promote the recycling principle.

We are therefore taking the next step forward and will convert all our shipping packaging to sustainable and resource-saving packaging materials from 2020.
Packaging made of paper, wood and cardboard is produced from the renewable and CO₂-neutral raw material wood, which thus protects the environment.

In addition, these materials can be recycled very well and can thus be reintroduced into the product cycle.

This means that the plastic adhesive tape we have used up to now is replaced by an environmentally friendly paper packaging tape, which can even be recycled together with the cardboard to the waste industry.

Just as the bubble wrap used up to now is replaced either by Kraftknüll paper or stuffing paper and/or optionally organic packaging flakes made of corn starch.
Our paper document bags, which are completely made of paper (instead of plastic), round off our claim to ecological, resource-saving and plastic-free single-material packaging in combination with our environmentally friendly cardboard boxes and filling materials as well as paper tape.

This means that our over-packaging can either be disposed of completely in the waste paper and returned to the recycling cycle, or better yet, you can use it again to reuse it for its intended purpose.

Even if all these steps mean additional financial expenditure for us, we are convinced that they are not only correct and responsible, but above all absolutely necessary and indispensable.