Instructions for Care

With proper care, all our Barista products made of or with genuine wood will give you many years of satisfaction and pleasure.
The individual grain of the wood makes each one of our products unique.
Color deviations and irregularities in the wood are natural and are not defects.
Wood is a natural material whose full aesthetics come to bear only via expert workmanship.

Therefore we recommend: A quality genuine-wood barista tool should always be cleaned as it was produced: by hand.
Cleaning by hand with a soft, slightly damp cloth proves particularly gentle to the wood. We recommend cleaning by hand for all our products.

Our products should never be washed by machine!

Further, these tools must never be left in water or brought into contact with chemical substances.
The manufacturer bears no liability for damage due to improper handling.

If you have specific questions about our products, we shall be pleased to hear from you.

We wish you much pleasure with your Hauck premium product.

Otto Hauck & Team